Which Flooring Goes With Which Decor?

While homes should be practical and comfortable, it is just as important to have a stylish interior that reflects our tastes. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time home buyer or a homeowner who is renovating an entire house, you need to be aware of the flooring in your home. Let’s take a look at the most important differences in flooring for interiors so you have some ideas about where to begin.


Despite all the technology and conveniences available, many of us still want to live in an old era. If you enjoy traditional interiors, you may be drawn to a spacious and elegant space. It features intricate carvings and deep dark colors, as well as more textures and a lot of accessories. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must sacrifice a clean-cut appearance. Ironically, updating your flooring may actually improve the look of an older style.

If you really want to take on this incredible style, go for richer deeper woods. We suggest a darker oak or dark walnut brown with lacquered finishes. Contrast your floor to create the perfect background.


Modern interiors are often minimalistic and feature clean, modern finishes. You want something discreet when it comes to flooring. You want wood floors that are smoother and have less knots and grains. This will give them a fresh look. Most colors work. However, we recommend gray because it provides a stylish and sophisticated backdrop that can be used to complement almost any other decor. It looks great with steel and glass.


Recent years have seen a rise in popularity for rustic interiors. A rustic interior is a popular choice. There’s no better flooring option than one that reflects this unique style. Your interior’s design will be influenced by the flooring choice. You can make a bold statement using distressed hardwood. It will add character to your space! It’s okay to experiment with colour! A rich chocolate walnut floor can make your home look more luxurious, while also retaining its rustic appearance. However, a lighter wood flooring will highlight the wood’s natural beauty better.

It’s difficult to choose between so many interior themes. These pointers should provide some inspiration and help you decide where to begin your interior journey. Luxury Flooring has a large selection of wood floors that will suit your design and provide outstanding durability at a reasonable price.

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